Who is buying your vote?

Denver voters’ mailboxes are being flooded with flyers paid for by a group named “Raising Colorado”.

For example:


If you try searching for information on “Raising Colorado”, you won’t find a meaningful website or Facebook page; they don’t have one. You will find a link to “TRACER – Committee Detail” – which is the Colorado Secretary of State campaign finance reporting system. If you dig a little further you will find that all of the funding for Raising Colorado comes from a organization named Education Reform Now Advocacy, a 501c(4) nonprofit organization based in New York. Of course, you won’t a website for this organization either. You will find a webpage for Education Reform Now, a 501c(3) nonprofit founded by hedge funders which provides funding to Education Reform Now Advocacy, and has connections to the Walton family, Rupert Murdoch, Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and the Koch brothers.

Why are billionaires pouring money into Denver school board elections? Do you own research, pay attention to what shows up in your mailbox, and most importantly, vote by November 7th!

The candidates endorsed by Our Denver, Our Schools are NOT supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in out of state money. They are supported by parents, teachers, and families in Denver!

Robert Speth – At-Large www.spethforstudents.org www.fb.com/SpethforStudents

Sochi Gaytan – District 2 www.xochitlgaytan.com www.fb.com/dpssochi

Dr. Carrie Olson – District 3 www.carrieaolson.com www.fb.com/olson4dps

Tay Anderson – District 4 www.tayanderson.org www.fb.com/tay4dps