The Problem with the Portfolio Management/Reform Approach

How DPS Harms Our Communities With The Reform Approach

Like "No Child Left Behind," Portfolio Management and Reform are strong words that imply good things, but the reality is that Reform Districts monetize our education making the rich richer, forgo research based best educational practices for profitable testing, and leave behind the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities.


Denver Public Schools our more segregated now than before the lawsuit that started bussing in 1973.

Impact of Reform on Communities

The Reform Education approach disproportionately neglects and even targets schools in communities of color and low-income communities, robbing them of the center of their communities, their political power, and a fair chance at a good education.

The Economics of Reform

The corporations that put the Denver School Board, and thus Tom Boasberg, in office are trying to make money off a public good. They profit and the most vulnerable parts of our community are left behind.

The Effects of Reform Policies on Teachers and Students

From the effects of colocation, to the blame placed on them when schools are targeted to closures, teachers and students get the short end of the Reform stick.

Facts About DPS

Basic Denver Public Schools data and statistics.

Denver School Board Primer

Information on the current Denver School Board and its members.