The Economics of Reform

Rent Seeking, making profits off the public good, of Education

Beware of Economists Bearing Education Reforms

This article, by William J. Mathis published on the National Education Policy Center, outlines the flaws in applying economic reform to education. Boiled down, “Economists] confuse mathematical symmetry with truth.” The truth being that “Cohesiveness, cooperation, altruism, caring and the common good are vital to a democratic society. But these are alien concepts to economists’ […]

Top 10 Reasons School Choice Is No Choice

School Choice is a complicated issue that goes hand in hand with Reform. It comes from the end of bussing, as a way to empower parents to self-integrate, and give people in neighborhoods with low-performing schools options in other neighborhoods. On the surface, it’s a good idea. But as with many things education it’s implementation benefited some […]

Denver’s School Board Battles (2011)

Over the last few School Board Elections, more and more corporate and foundation money has been poured into the campaign coffers of Reform candidates, people who believe using erroneous measures to close neighborhood schools is good government. This article give a little of the history. Four school board seats are up for election this year, Nov. […]

Exotic Deals Put Denver Schools Deeper in Debt

This article outlines how Tom Boasberg and Michael Bennet allowed the financialization (making money off money, rather than products or services) of Denver Public Schools, and cost the District millions in fees and variable interest rates. Education is a public good, and thus should be available in equal quality to everyone and not a source […]