Our Values

We, members of Our Denver, Our Schools share these values and guiding principles:

  • We believe that all children in Denver deserve to have a quality public school in their neighborhood.
  • We believe that school and district governance should be representative and transparent.
  • We believe that our school district’s policies should unify rather than divide communities.
  • We believe that our school district should prioritize investment in neighborhood schools and only close schools as a last resort.
  • We believe that charters schools should not be expanded in our community until the district can improve those charters that currently exist and implement improved systems of financial oversite, transparency and accountability.
  • We believe that all schools that receive public money, must accept and provide services to every student including those who require special education or other special services and support.
  • We believe that parents, community members, educators and students should have a meaningful and respected voice in our schools, particularly in struggling schools, and that any turnaround strategy must include a process that engages as many members of the school community as possible.
  • We believe that the shared vision of parents, students, educators and community members should provide direction for the schools district and that corporate money and private interests should not drive policy making in our school district.