Denver’s School Board Battles (2011)

Over the last few School Board Elections, more and more corporate and foundation money has been poured into the campaign coffers of Reform candidates, people who believe using erroneous measures to close neighborhood schools is good government. This article give a little of the history.

Four school board seats are up for election this year, Nov. 2017.

Denver’s School Board Battles

BY MIKE ELK NOVEMBER 2, 2011 In These Times

School boards typically control massive amounts of money and assets that can be dished out through contracts for services, purchases of land, and diverted into charter schools and voucher programs. Despite school boards’ power, however, until now board elections around the country have typically been fueled by door-to-door canvassing rather than high dollar fundraising. But increasingly, large donations from wealthy individuals and corporations are pouring into schools board races around the country to enact an agenda that attacks collective bargaining rights of teachers unions and increases the privatization of public education through charter schools and vouchers.