Charter School Proponents To Announce Major Focus On Shutting Down Failing Schools

Charter Schools Failing
Charter School Assn. reassess push for charters in light of high number of failing charter schools. Photo Credit: Flikr Paradox 56

DPS has Closed 1o Charter Schools and 1 school chose to close itself since the charter movement began 20+ years ago. Pioneer Charter School, Denver’s First Charter, chose to close itself after stagnant academic performance. Though the Pioneer board, like DPS, chose not to include families or the community in the decision making process it was good that they recognized the values of educating children over status quo or money.

By Joy Resmovits Senior Education Reporter, The Huffington Post 11/28/2012

Charter schools are about to get a reality check.

As someone who has observed the breakneck pace of the growing charter school movement up close, Greg Richmond, who leads the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), is taking a step back.

“We didn’t start this movement in order to create more failing schools, but that’s what we have,” Richmond told The Huffington Post. “Hundreds of them.”

On Wednesday morning, Richmond will join New Jersey Schools Commissioner Chris Cerf and California charter schools advocate Jed Wallace at Washington D.C.’s National Press Club to announce a new campaign, “One Million Lives,” that aims to crack the whip on the duds.

The campaign will focus on getting states to adopt rules that make failing charter schools close automatically, hold charter authorizers accountable for their schools’ performance, and revamp their authorizing bodies so they become more professional. Initial allies include organizations and philanthropies that have, until now, focused on growth — rather than quality — in the charter sector.