Closed for Learning: The Impact of School Closures on Students and Communities

In a 2015 Congressional Briefing, Keron Blair, director of the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools, contrasted reform approaches to schools and banks. “Whereas banks are considered too big to fail and thus are bailed out, public schools are closed instead of receiving additional assistance.” Blair added “that our methods of privatizing public schools are rooted in the […]

Urban District Report Card: Denver Charter Schools Expand Despite Mixed Results

The fundamental issue for parents and community members pushing back against DPS’s reform/school closure approach is the inequity is produces. “Ultimately, Bryant explains that the portfolio model implemented in Denver is troubling because its methods have resulted in closing underperforming public schools, then replacing them with average or underperforming charter schools without expanding and improving […]

Boasberg’s Policies – as seen by a retired DPS teacher

By Ed Augden, Retired Denver Public Schools Teacher and Community Activist In the November Denver Public Schools Board of Education election, voters have a clear choice between candidates that favor the status quo authoritarian policies of Superintendent Tom Boasberg and those who believe in innovative democratic reform that begins with teachers, parents, students and community […]

Death By A Thousand Cuts: Racism, School Closures, and Public School Sabotage

In 2014  Journey for Justice wrote this report to being awareness to the issues of school closures and their negative effects on communities. Reform leaders, like the Denver Public Schools 2017 School Board and Superintendent Tom Boasberg, hold on to failed policies that cripple and segregate communities, create education profiteers, and dismantle the public good that we […]