Our Denver, Our Schools (ODOS) is a group of parents, educators and community members coming together to ensure a high quality public education for all Denver students. ODOS is a voice for communities and a resource to the public so that it can make informed decisions about education related issues and elections. Our Denver, Our Schools is excited to announce the candidates that it is endorsing  for the Denver Public School Board in November 2017:

Xochitl ‘Sochi’ Gaytan
Southwest Denver, District 2
Dr. Carrie A. Olson
Central, District 3
 Tay Anderson
Tay Anderson
Northeast Denver, District 4
Robert Speth


Our Denver, Our Schools Steering Committee members made the decision based on candidate research, conversations with the candidates, and the review of questionnaires submitted by the candidates. (See Below for links to all questionnaires submitted by all candidates.)

We have determined that the candidates above most closely align with our platform. Our Denver, Our Schools looks forward to working with these candidates and Denver’s diverse population to ensure a quality education for all.

Our Platform

We believe in opportunity, transparency and accountability, and community voice.



  • Current Denver Public School policies that promote segregation and are harmful to low income communities, communities of color, second language learners and students with special needs must end.
  • All children should have a high quality public school they can walk to in their neighborhood.
  • A quality school is one that is properly staffed, well resourced, diverse, community based with high quality educators.
  • The Denver Public School Board must stop closing schools; it must give full support to existing schools.

Transparency and Accountability

  • Education is a public good and full financial transparency is a public right.
  • We support a whole child, whole teacher, whole community approach to accountability rather than the test and punish approach currently being implemented in Denver.
  • Less than 50% of taxpayer money reaches the classroom. The vast majority of dollars should directly support student learning in the classroom.
  • School board members need to be accountable to Denver taxpayers, not outside corporate interests.

Community Voice

  • Policies must be derived from meaningful and authentic community engagement, not outside corporate interests.
  • Collaboration produces the schools our communities want and students deserve. Students lose when teachers and schools are forced to compete.
  • Every neighborhood deserves a great public school.
  • The choice process is confusing and inequitable and must be revised.

The Our Denver, Our Schools Questionnaire

Four of Seven Denver Public School Board seats are up for election on November 7, 2017. Below is a list of candidates, the districts in which they are campaigning, and their answers to the Our Denver, Our School’s questionnaire regarding where they stand on the issues. Our Denver, Our Schools wishes to educate stakeholders and the public on the candidates and what is at stake this election cycle for Denver education.

Click on each candidate’s name below to link to their questionnaire.

District 2 – Southwest Denver

Angela Cobian

Xochitl ‘Sochi’ Gaytan

District 3 – Central Denver

Mike Johnson (Mike Johnson declined to answer the ODOS questionnaire)

Dr. Carrie A. Olson

District 4 – Northeast Denver

Tay Anderson

Jennifer Bacon

Rachele Espiritu

At Large

Julie Banuelos

Jo Ann Fujioka

Barbara O’Brien

Robert Speth