Call To Action: Speak Up at the March DPS BOE Meeting Against School Closures

Our Denver Our Schools

Come speak at the March School Board meeting and support the families and communities affected by school closures.

DPS uses a Portfolio Management Reform approach that believes in:
Autonomy for individual traditional public schools
Increase the number of charter schools
Reform or close low-performing schools
Assessment as a portion of school evaluation

While it might sound good on paper, the effect is disenfranchised communities of color, segregrattion in Denver Schools and communities, and a “choice” system that leave many families without good school options in their neighborhoods. After 20 years, the experiment that was supposed to make ALL our schools better has failed.

Our asks: 
1.) The the school board rescind their vote to close Gilpin Montessori.
2.) That the school board & Superindentent see the failures of their Reform ideology and stop closing schools they have left to flounder with no support in the name of “Autonomy.”

We must keep the pressure on. Please call 720-423-3210 before 5:00 on Wednesday to sign up to speak, and make the school board listen to the people they are supposed to serve.

The meeting starts at 4:00 at Emily Griffith Campus, located at 1860 Lincoln St., Denver. Public Comment begins at 5:00.