Facts About Denver Public Schools

Facts about DPS:

Total Schools: 162

Student Enrollment: 79,423

Enrollment, by race/ethniciy

—Hispanic: 58.4%

—White: 19.8

—Black: 14.6%

—Asina: 3.3%

—American Indian: 0.7%

—Other: 3.1%

Free/Reduced Lunch: 72.49%

Graduation Rate: 52.7%

Full Time Employees: 11,146

Certified Teachers: 4,555

*from the US Department of Education

—Denver’s achievement gap is higher than 90% of US cities

—Denver ranked dead-last in achievement gap in 50 city study, double the national average. (38% English, 30% math - national average is 14%)

—Denver’s proficiency rates in English and math remain unacceptably low. A full 70% of Denver’s 3rd graders were ranked below proficient in 2016.

—The college remediation rate for high school graduates is at 49%, also unacceptably high.

—DPS looses 22% of its teachers every year, one of the highest attrition rates in Colorado